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I embarked on a journey at the start of 2023, previously working for a highly respected business in the recruitment sector, with one of the best company cultures an employee could ask for.  As great as this company was, recruitment wasn’t my calling and I felt like a labourer amongst a team of skilled artisans, who emanated a passion for the trade, that I tried, but could not hope to match.

After several interviews I decided to take the leap to MYP, without really knowing anything about the NDIS or Aged care sector and even less about MYP or what a CRM did beyond store data.  During the interview process I witnessed a yearning from John and Alana, a yearning for growth, for development, that transcended through to all staff members in the business.  John stated that MYP was the best kept secret in this sector.  How can we change that?  I am now part of an integrated and high performing Sales team of 5, supported by a strong Marketing team.  In the last 12 months I have seen multiple feature launches and been privileged to sit on ideation sessions for them.  Appointments for Allied Health, Bulk OCR for Plan Management, Provider Travel for our Services, Integration to Aged Care, and our API integration to PACE, the system to be replacing PRODA.  Don’t even get me started on our complete overhaul of our security and permissions, adopting new technologies in this space.  Coming on board with MYP is not just about embracing the latest technology that this space has to offer, it’s also about joining a family, a community of like-minded individuals and businesses.

NDS Team

The last 12 months have allowed me to meet with some of the most selfless individuals that Australia has to offer.  Its inspiring to see how these types of organisations operate, giving up their time in the pursuit of making participants lives better.  It’s a privilege for me to demonstrate a product to the NDIS & Aged Care sector that truly makes our clients life easier, giving them more time back to spend with their participants, and give families the ability to easily see how their relations are progressing.  We have fostered relationships across the board, with some large providers who are seeking to restructure and streamline their administrative tasks to the small startup organisations whose focus is to do right by their participants.

Melb Expo Alice Alistair

On an individual level, what has MYP looked like? I attended 11 industry events, in all but one state (I will be there soon Tasmania), completed 190+ demonstrations of our system, been to four separate “welcome to the team” lunches, sat through some great meetings & sat through some difficult meetings and witnessed how a business acquires another (welcome to iinduct).  From day one I have been given the tools and materials on how the NDIS & Aged Care sector works and I have been trained how to showcase our product, using a rigid demonstration process and then been allowed the freedom to adapt to suit my style.  More importantly, and I alluded to it earlier, I have had the opportunity to watch a team grow.  Presently, I have a fantastic and diverse set of talented individuals that form part of my core team.  A team that I prank and wind up daily, a team that I draw support and constructive criticism from.  A team that I have been able to impart my knowledge on, but that has taught me so much too. And above all, a team that allows expression and freedom of ideas.  Big thank you for putting up with me to Alice, Al, Rachel, Brendan and Alana.

Team Lunch

2024 is a very exciting year for MYP.  We have a multitude of new features coming.  Our momentum isn’t slowing, not only are we looking to improve our UX & UI, but we are also further expanding our PACE offering, launching in home aged care (CHSP), predictive leave and partnering with a one of the largest software/ hardware providers in the world in looking at ways we can implement AI into our system.

I personally have a big year ahead.  As of January 2024, I am officially a permanent resident of Australia after a long 8 years of turmoil, in addition I am finally able to take my daughter back to the United Kingdom for three weeks to meet her family over there.  Our family is growing (more to come on that later).  Work wise, I plan on further increasing my knowledge of this sector, broadening my understanding of the aged care sector and reaching out to as many different clients as possible across these two sectors, letting them in on the secret that is MYP.

So, that leads me to wrap up this blog with: What does MYP stand for?  My subjective interpretation of what MYP stands for, based on what I have seen over the last 12 months is “maximise your potential.”

By Alistair Walsh, Sales Specialist

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