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Plan Management

Transparency, accuracy and real-time data are important when it comes to managing and providing insights to your participants on their plans and budgets.  Deliver the best outcomes for your participants, with a solution that is a leading and innovative tool for Plan Managers.  Providing automated workflows, real-time claiming and budgeting with API integration to PRODA, and extensive access into a variety of resources to give your participants the extra confidence and visibility across their plans.

How is a day in the life of a Plan Manager?

Your providers will be paid automatically on approval of your NDIA claims in PRODA with MYP & HICAPs.  Providing faster turnarounds on payments which sets you apart from your competition.

Features & benefits

Streamline your client management workflows

Synchronise your plan management workflow with automation that gives you visibility on your client data and opportunities to drive growth and additional value for your participants.  Our intuitive platform helps you manage your client’s engagement with easy updating of their schedule of support and service agreement generation utilising our integrated digital signature functionality.  Get peace of mind with access to your clients’ data and budgets all in one place.


Real-time data with NDIA integration

Benefit from real time outcomes to your budgets and direct claims with our integration to PRODA.  Saving time and money with more accurate and efficient claim processing. Giving you the control and visibility on  managing your participants budgets further through quarantining of funds for your providers across each support category.


Deliver faster claiming, payments and remittances

Get a step ahead with OCR to input your invoice data, direct claiming into PRODA, and autopayment of your providers.  Reduce administration time as well as the need for ABA files and manual processing of your provider payments. As well as easy claiming of your monthly fees with recurring invoices and bulk approvals – with it all done for you in one system.  This unique automation provides a streamlined user experience allowing you to onboard more participants and manage their plans without the hassle to manually process your payments.


Give meaningful insights to your participants

Give your participants the visibility they need to the most up-to-date information about their plans and claims with our automated monthly statements and client portal.  Provide access to their families, support coordinators, and representatives as well through a click of a button.  Giving them all the information they need so they can keep track of their claims and make informed decisions about their plans and budgets.


Save time synchronising your operations

We give you time back so you can focus on the work worth doing.  Optimise your operations through our extensive and customised reports, projects and task management, and system generated notifications and alerts so you can keep track of what needs to be done and the status of your plans.  These along with our integrated form builder, secure document management, and email marketing systems help you leverage opportunities and streamline processes to drive success for your business.


A day in the life of a...

Plan Manager

A complete community software solution built for Plan Managers

Staying up to date with new enquiries and referrals with website integration to your CRM. Keep track of any changes and updates creating timely responses to clients.

Onboard new participants with ease and efficiency with up-to-date NDIA price books to build out a schedule of support and streamline the signing of your service agreements utilising our inbuilt digital signatures.

View real-time updates on your projects and tasks, and alerts on plan status and changes to keep track of your participants progress.

Set recurring invoicing upfront for each of your engagements to autogenerate monthly fee invoices, bulk approve and process directly with NDIA via our API integration.

Reduce administration time with OCR to scan your invoices, extracting the relevant data and inputting it into the correct fields.  More accuracy, fewer errors meaning fewer delays in getting claims processed.

No more writing cheques or transferring funds manually!  Direct claiming and auto payment takes things one step further by automatically issuing payments to providers once a claim has been processed via API integration with PRODA.

NDIS Plan Management Software Frequently Asked Questions

What is MYP's plan management software?

MYP’s plan management software is an integrated software solution designed to streamline the management of National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) plans. Our comprehensive plan management software enables plan managers, support coordinators, and NDIS participants to efficiently track budgets, manage invoices, and optimise the utilisation of NDIS supports and services.

Who can benefit from MYP's NDIS plan management software?

MYP’s plan management software is designed to benefit NDIS plan managers, support coordinators, and NDIS participants. Whether you are a plan manager responsible for managing multiple NDIS plans, a support coordinator seeking an efficient way to track service bookings and expenses, or an NDIS participant wanting better control over your plan, our NDIS software can assist you.

What are the key features of MYP's plan management solutions?

  • NDIS plan management software with comprehensive functionalities for tracking budgets, expenses, and support utilisation
  • Integrated solution for seamless collaboration between plan managers, support coordinators, and NDIS participants
  • Client access portal for participants to view their plan details, track service bookings, and monitor plan expenditure
  • Invoice entry and management capabilities, enabling efficient processing and tracking of invoices from service providers
  • Accounting software integration to facilitate financial management and reporting for plan managers
  • Streamlined onboarding process for new clients, ensuring a smooth transition to the MYP NDIS plan management software

How does MYP's NDIS plan management software benefit NDIS plan managers?

MYP’s NDIS plan management software empowers NDIS plan managers with robust tools to efficiently manage NDIS plans. Our software automates processes such as invoice processing, budget tracking, and reporting, reducing administrative burden and enabling plan managers to focus on delivering high-quality support and services to NDIS participants.

How can NDIS participants benefit from MYP's integrated plan management solution?

NDIS participants can benefit from MYP’s integrated plan management solution by gaining greater visibility and control over their NDIS plans. Our NDIS software provides a user-friendly client access portal where participants can view plan details, track service bookings, and monitor the use of their supports, empowering them to make informed decisions and optimise their plan outcomes.

Can MYP's NDIS plan management software integrate with other software systems?

Yes, MYP’s NDIS plan management software is designed to integrate seamlessly with various accounting software systems. This integration enables plan managers to streamline financial management processes, automate invoice entry, and generate accurate reports for NDIS plan management.

Is training and support provided for MYP's NDIS plan management software?

Yes, MYP provides comprehensive training and ongoing support for users of our NDIS plan management software. Our dedicated support team is available to assist with any software-related queries, provide training resources, and ensure a smooth implementation and experience for plan managers, support coordinators, and NDIS participants.

How can I get started with MYP's NDIS plan management software?

Getting started with MYP’s NDIS plan management software is simple. Contact our team to schedule a demo and discuss your specific needs. We will guide you through the implementation process, provide training, and assist you in optimising your NDIS plan management with our integrated NDIS software solution.