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Supported Independent Living (SIL)

Leverage our SIL specific processes and functions so you can focus on providing the essential services needed to assist in all aspects of participant’s lives.  Simplify the complexities around your administration and compliance through our integrated rostering processes, real-time access to participant budgets and data, and reporting, to enable your participants and workers to have much needed information at their fingertips. Recording case notes, incidents and shift outcomes with ease to better support your participants in receiving the best possible care.

How is a day in the life of a Support Worker?

Benefit from the full scope of our Service Provision solution that’s been further developed to streamline and accommodate the complexities of SIL rosters and invoicing with ease.

Features & benefits

Everything for Service Provision and more

A comprehensive client management solution to securely store your participant data, collating all key activities and documents in one place that can be managed via our detailed permissions settings.  Tracking all history and activity of your participant interactions that further establish a detailed record of your contacts.  Build confidence in operations with system generated notifications, external file upload and storage, form integration, client engagement, and workflow management delivered by our CRM, rostering, budgeting, invoicing, form, goals and communication systems.


Reduce rostering and timesheet administration

Manage your roster templates and shift outcomes all in one place including all important aspects of rostering such as auto integration with their schedule of support including support ratio management (e.g. 2:1 etc).   Implement specific task checklists, digital forms for continuity and accessibility of previous shift information, and asset management directly into each shift.  Complemented by skill, qualification, attribute, SCHAADS and availability validations to suitably match your staff with participants. Tracking real-time attendance with simplified QR code check in onsite or by geo-location tracking activation.

n end-to-end solution that streamlines processes for administrators, management and field workers with myp our complete community software solution

Your mobile workforce will feel supported

A cloud-based solution ensures your staff can capture their case notes with ease with talk2text and save functions throughout their shift.  Track sleep disturbances with a double click of a button, as well as kilometres travelled, allowances, and participant goal progression.  Digital form integration and incident management reporting captures real time outcomes and streamlines processes for your staff.  Resources are digitally accessible with an intelligent interface that strengthens productivity.  Driving efficiencies for managers with autocreation of timesheets and quick claiming approvals as well as robust reports for analytics and reviews.


A user friendly experience for participants

Give your participants, families and representatives the insights they need with access to a client portal so you can work on their goals and outcomes together.  Along with automated monthly budget reports and system generated emails for invoice review and approval – your participants no longer have to search for this information manually.  With budgets, goals and objectives, and rosters accessible on their desktop, tablet or mobile.

Automating processes so you can stay connected and organised across your team with myp our complete community software solution

Helping you stay compliant

Take advantage of a centralised CRM system with embedded projects and task management so you can ensure that your team are staying on top of maintenance of your properties such as fire alarms by establishing recurring projects which auto create system generated notifications and reminders to ensure these processes are being followed through.

A supportive network designed for your growth with myp our complete community software solution

A day in the life of a...

Support Worker

A complete community software solution built for Support Workers

Easy check-in and out with the click of a button or by scanning a simple QR Code on location. Access your participants information and alerts all in one screen.

Save as you go, making it easy to capture your case notes in real time, with the option to type or utilise Talk2Text on your mobile for extra ease and efficiency.

Digital form integration makes day to day paperwork effortless with access to a variety of forms directly on your phone or laptop.

Record the great progress your participants are making by running goals and objective sessions providing parents, guardians and representatives with the most up-to-date outcomes.

Deliver prompt updates to your management team to immediately review and investigate any incidents with our incident management system.

Tick off and complete your shift tasks to efficiently meet shift expectations and outcomes, as well as track KMs travelled and submit your allowances for approval immediately.