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Aged Care (HCP)

A comprehensive software that delivers efficiencies for Aged Care Service Providers to enable to you to deliver the high quality care to your clients.  Access real-time information around care plans, appointments and outcomes, connecting your staff with clients to deliver on the important services they need, when they need them.  Streamline invoicing and claiming reducing administration workload through optimised processes with budgeting, rostering, claiming, form and goals integration.  Keep your focus on making a difference in the lives of your participants by allowing MYP to provide the support you need.

An all-inclusive software catering to Service Providers operating across both NDIA and HCP, streamlining all services in one system.

Features & benefits

Access real-time client and care data with ease

One platform that provides a holistic approach to managing Home Care Packages, enabling service and care providers to deliver high-quality care that meets the unique needs of each client. Care management is front of mind with a platform that keeps client data easily accessible to carers and their clients to track progress and updates meeting their specific and unique needs.


Optimise rostering and scheduling processes

Deliver quality care consistently through rostering and scheduling tools that enables managers to schedule staff based on client needs and availability more efficiently.  Validating staff allocation based on attributes, skills and qualifications in alignment with specific client and shift requirements. Auto integration of your participants schedule of support directly into rostering and timesheets to support management in controlling costs and auto invoice generation.

n end-to-end solution that streamlines processes for administrators, management and field workers with myp our complete community software solution

Connecting a versatile workforce in a central place

Remove manual paperwork and reporting with task allocation, digital form integration, goal and objective management, incident reporting and KM logging accessible to your staff via desktop, mobile or tablet.  Providing your team with real-time updates for reporting and claiming as well as automated timesheet generation.  Staff can capture their case notes with ease with talk2text and save functions throughout their shift delivering stronger utilisation and streamline processing of shift outcomes.


Streamlined invoicing and claiming processes

From rosters, shifts, and timesheets benefit from an efficient flow of data to generate invoicing data for claiming ensuring a continuation of all business systems and teams.  Generate exports for direct claiming with Services Australia with automated reconciliation of balance adjustments.  Refresh reporting and generate monthly statements to keep your clients informed.


A user friendly experience for participants

Just like you, clients love being able to see everything in one place. Share real-time information with your participants, their representatives and families with an easy to access client portal so you can work on their goals and outcomes together. Along with automated monthly budget reports and system generated emails for invoice review and approval – your participants no longer have to search for this information manually. With budgets, goals and objectives, and rosters accessible on their desktop, tablet or mobile.

Automating processes so you can stay connected and organised across your team with myp our complete community software solution

A day in the life of a...



Easy check-in and out with the click of a button.  Access your participants information and alerts all in one screen.

Save as you go, making it easy to capture your case notes in real time, with the option to type or utilise Talk2Text on your mobile for extra ease and efficiency.

Digital form integration makes day to day paperwork effortless with access to a variety of forms directly on your phone or laptop.

Record the great progress your participants are making by running goals and objective sessions providing parents, guardians and representatives with the most up-to-date outcomes.

Deliver prompt updates to your management team to immediately review and investigate any incidents with our incident management system.

Tick off and complete your shift tasks to efficiently meet shift expectations and outcomes, as well as track KMs travelled and submit your allowances for approval immediately.

Aged Care (HCP) Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key features for aged care workers?

Our holistic software helps aged care industry specialists access the following from anywhere, all in the same system:

  • Medication management
  • Client billing
  • Invoicing
  • Care plans
  • Check-in and check-out
  • Real-time case note capture
  • Digital form integration
  • Participant goal-setting and objective sessions
  • Incident management
  • Rostering and scheduling
  • Reporting
  • Direct claims

What support do you provide for new aged care subscribers on using the platform

To ensure MYP users generate maximum value from their subscriptions, MYP now requires new subscribers to implement one of the rollout programs offered. During and following the rollout program, Subscribers will have access to MYP’s online support system. This support system is also backed by the MYP standard Service Level Agreements, which are as follows:

System availability

99% uptime on the availability of the system over a 12-month period (excluding planned system maintenance which will be conducted outside standard business hours. Planned maintenance downtime is communicated to Subscribers)


All Subscribers automatically receive Level 1 support, including access to myHelp and a dynamic, searchable, and mobile-friendly collection of help articles in the Support Centre. myHelp articles include detailed instructions with screenshots on every function of all MYP modules and are continuously updated with every release. An archive of the most recent feature releases (with demonstration videos) is also available in myHelp, allowing MYP subscribers to review the latest updates to their system.

Users engaged in the MYP rollout program or tailored interactive training sessions (onsite or online) for a particular MYP module can also access Level 2 support. This includes all the benefits of Level 1 support, plus the valuable ability to lodge user support tickets related to modules in which training has been completed.

MYP Subscribers also have 24/7 access to the myTraining area to enhance their knowledge of any module or gain Level 2 support (if not currently available). However, this is recommended for existing Subscribers who have already completed tailored training and simply need a refresher or for new staff members who need to get up-to-speed quickly.

A support team member will respond to all support tickets within the following timeframes:

During standard business hours:

  • Non-urgent – 2 hours
  • Urgent – 30 minutes
  • Critical – 15 minutes

Outside standard business hours:

  • Critical – mobile support by rostered MYP support member

Users of the system, who have not had training from MYP, will only have access to Level 1 support in the online support system. Any user support queries will be directed to the relevant section in the associated myHelp article.

System error

In the rare event of an operating system failure, the system automatically notifies the support team, and the issue will receive immediate attention during standard business hours.

Do we need any special technology to ensure the system works?

As a cloud solution, there is no specific hardware requirement. However, aged care workers need access to stable internet and a mainstream browser.

Can we use the system on a PC, Mac or Mobile Phone?

Using an internet browser, you can also access the system on tablets and mobiles

How does the MYP system integrate with other systems?

MYP provides its own APIs (Application Program Interface) or connects to the APIs of other software. An API is a set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software applications. A good API makes it easier to develop a program by providing all the building blocks. A software engineer then puts the blocks together. A list of MYP existing integrations includes MYOB, XERO, HICAPS, formerly LanternPay (which links our system to the NDIA), Sypht, and Hellosign.

Can our aged care clients log in to the system if we want them to?

Yes, depending on what module you have subscribed to, this function is available.

Didn't find the answer you were looking for?

We are committed to continuously improving our NDIS and HCP aged care software to meet your business needs. Please contact us to make suggestions or find out more about the features and benefits we provide for aged care businesses.