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Service Provider

A consolidated software that more than fits the needs of Service Providers to enable to you to deliver the best outcomes for your participants.  Connect your staff and participants with an easy to use and automated solution to optimise your daily operations and processes with budgeting, rostering, claiming, form and goals integration.  Keep your focus on making a difference in the lives of your participants by allowing MYP to provide the support you need.

How is a day in the life of a Service Provider?

Get real-time updates on your service bookings as well as benefit from direct claiming to PRODA with our integration to the NDIA.

Features & benefits

A comprehensive client management solution

A one stop shop for managing your participant data, collating all key activities and documents in a secure file that can be managed via our detailed permissions settings.  Establish a record of your contacts with our custom field and alert generation, links to their relationships and networks, external file upload and storage, form integration, and engagement management.  Track your leads from enquiry through to onboarding with our opportunity management and reporting, further complemented through projects and tasks and automated alerts/reminders for all workflow management.


Align your support workers with participants

Orchestrate and manage your roster structures and shift outcomes all in one place.  Rostering and scheduling management is more efficient and pain free when building your foundation with our roster templates, as well as matching your support workers to rosters and participants based on our leave and availability matching, skills and attributes, and SCHADS award rule validations.  With multiple views and filters, utilise our rosters to bulk publish, as well as fill or request staff to shift via SMS.  Manage your workers with geo-location tracking for check-in and check-out and set expectations by having them complete a task checklist on their shifts.


No manual paperwork – no problem.

A cloud-based solution ensures your staff can capture their case notes with ease with talk2text and save functions throughout their shift.  As well as digital form integration, goal and objective management, incident management reporting, allowance and KM claiming all in a structured portal designed to increase utilisation and streamline processing of shift outcomes.  Providing your mobile workforce with an intelligent interface that strengthens productivity, giving you real-time updates to create automated timesheet and claiming approvals as well as robust reports for analytics and reviews.


Increase productivity and process improvement

Auto integration of your participants schedule of support from their engagement into rostering and timesheets assists your management team with controlling costs and auto invoice generation.  Bulk publish rosters as well as manage assets and availability with multiple system generated validations.  An efficient flow of data from rosters, shifts, timesheets, and claiming ensuring a continuation of all business systems and teams. Your field workers benefit from a specifically designed portal for them to check in and out, update case notes, complete task checklists and embedded digital forms, as well as allowance claiming, and goal and objective tracking.  Connecting a versatile workforce in a central place.

n end-to-end solution that streamlines processes for administrators, management and field workers with myp our complete community software solution

A user friendly experience for participants

Just like you, clients love being able to see everything in one place.  Share real-time information with your participants, their representatives and families with an easy to access client portal so you can work on their goals and outcomes together.  Along with automated monthly budget reports and system generated emails for invoice review and approval – your participants no longer have to search for this information manually.  With budgets, goals and objectives, and rosters accessible on their desktop, tablet or mobile.

Automating processes so you can stay connected and organised across your team with myp our complete community software solution

A day in the life of a...

Support Worker

A complete community software solution built for Service Providers

Easy check-in and out with the click of a button.  Access your participants information and alerts all in one screen.

Save as you go, making it easy to capture your case notes in real time, with the option to type or utilise Talk2Text on your mobile for extra ease and efficiency.

Digital form integration makes day to day paperwork effortless with access to a variety of forms directly on your phone or laptop.

Record the great progress your participants are making by running goals and objective sessions providing parents, guardians and representatives with the most up-to-date outcomes.

Deliver prompt updates to your management team to immediately review and investigate any incidents with our incident management system.

Tick off and complete your shift tasks to efficiently meet shift expectations and outcomes, as well as track KMs travelled and submit your allowances for approval immediately.

Care Management Software Frequently Asked Questions

What are MYP's service provider solutions?

MYP’s service provider solutions are comprehensive software solutions designed specifically for disability service providers operating within the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Our solutions offer features such as NDIS client management, client record management, and service delivery management to streamline operations and enhance the provision of disability services.

Who can benefit from MYP's NDIS management software?

MYP’s NDIS management software is tailored for Australian disability service providers operating under the NDIS. Whether you are a registered NDIS service provider or an organisation seeking to become an NDIS provider, our software can support you in managing client services, client records, and various aspects of NDIS management.

What are the key features of MYP's NDIS software solutions for client management?

  • NDIS client management system for efficient management of participant details, support plans, and funding information
  • Client record management tools to maintain comprehensive and up-to-date client records, including assessments, progress notes, and communication history
  • Service delivery management functionalities to schedule and track service delivery, manage staff allocations, and ensure compliance with NDIS requirements
  • NDIS reporting capabilities to generate reports for claim submissions, financial reporting, and monitoring service outcomes
  • Integration with NDIS portals and systems to streamline data entry and ensure accurate and timely information sharing