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The best NDIS software for NDIS providers in Australia

MYP’s NDIS software is designed to simplify every aspect of NDIS plan management so you can focus on what matters most – delivering exceptional care and support. See why over 750 of disability service providers choose MYP.

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All-in-one NDIS software that empowers organisations to efficiently manage their operations and provide excellent care to their clients

As the NDIS industry grows, so does the need for efficient, streamlined workflows and processes so NDIS service providers can efficiently coordinate care and comply with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) requirements.
MYP is a leading provider of NDIS software and has worked closely with disability service providers and NDIS industry experts to create an all-in-one software solution that improves operational efficiency and supports NDIS funding management. By reducing administrative burdens, we help your staff focus on what really matters—top-tier NDIS service delivery.

A purpose-built platform that transforms workflows saving time and costs for:

A complete community software solution built for Service Providers

Service Providers

A complete community software solution built for Support Workers

SIL Providers

A complete community software solution built for Support Coordinators

Support Coordinators

A complete community software solution built for Therapists

Allied Health Specialists

Key features of MYP's NDIS management software

Our NDIS compliance software is packed with comprehensive features that make life easier for disability service providers and allied health professionals. With tools for managing invoicing, payroll, scheduling, rostering, and incident management, as well as ensuring regulatory compliance, our NDIS software equips providers with everything they need to deliver high-quality care and support.

Client management and participant funding tracking

Improved organisation effectiveness and personalised client care

Track participant funding, usage, and remaining balances in real-time and deliver personalised care and support to NDIS participants using NDIS plan management software. With access to an all-in-one client management system, providers can update records, track clients’ achievements, and make informed decisions about care plans.

Access an entire suite of business tools in one platform with myp our complete community software solution

Appointment setting and time management

Simplify daily scheduling and management with intuitive time-tracking tools

Easily track billable and non-billable time, budgets, and participant progress with NDIS scheduling software. Eliminate the complexities of appointment setting and day-to-day management, ensuring that every moment is accounted for and efficiently managed. Focus more on delivering high-quality care and less on administrative tasks.


Invoicing and payroll management

Automated invoicing and payroll for efficiency and accuracy

MYP’s NDIS billing software generates accurate invoices and reports, making it easier for providers to handle NDIS funding and financial compliance requirements. Reduce administration time and the risk of errors and ensure timely payments for delivered services.


NDIS rostering

Scheduling and rostering for efficient operations

Efficiently manage schedules and rosters for support workers and NDIS clients with ease. MYP’s NDIS software solutions optimise resource allocation and reduce overtime costs by ensuring that the right support worker is matched with the right client at the right time. By streamlining this crucial process, it becomes easier to manage shifts, track hours worked and ensure that support workers are utilised effectively.

n end-to-end solution that streamlines processes for administrators, management and field workers with myp our complete community software solution

NDIS compliance

Stay compliant and maintain audit-proof operations

Maintain meticulous records, generate accurate reports, and stay updated with the latest regulatory changes. Reduce the risk of non-compliance, avoid penalties and ensure that your operations meet the highest standards of care and accountability.

A supportive network designed for your growth with myp our complete community software solution

Why choose MYP?

One platform to help your business thrive

Access an entire suite of business tools in one platform so you can reduce any manual handling and improve your administration time with everything in one place. Leverage time, power and process efficiency so you can build on your relationships, manage client records, streamline your rosters and timesheets, keep client records, automate your claiming and invoicing, and create workflows that streamline your projects and support your whole team. Our client relationship management features are second to none.

All the tools you and your staff need

Our end-to-end community management software streamlines processes for administrators, managers, and field workers, enhancing engagement with an intuitive, user-friendly experience. From enquiry to onboarding and ongoing client management, our NDIA and HICAPS integrated platform includes a CRM, custom form builder, NDIS compliance, NDIS rostering, invoicing, claiming, and email marketing. Perfect for NDIS providers.

Real-time information at your fingertips

Access our cloud-based software on any device to automate processes, reduce risk, and simplify workflows. Website integration provides faster response times and system-generated reminders. Enhance client relationships with streamlined onboarding and service management, delivering personalised experiences through our client portal. Better NDIS client management equals better services.

A supportive network designed for your growth

We’re a leading innovator and advocate in the industry and committed to being a platform that never stops evolving and accommodating the needs of the sector and our NDIS and HCP providers. Join a community that supports you through workshops and events and leverage our understanding of your client care priorities, our integrated system, and comprehensive training and support so that you can get the support you need to scale and help more participants.

Future-proof your business with the right NDIS software

Choosing the right software is essential for future-proofing your NDIS business. With MYP’s complete solution, care providers can ensure NDIS compliance and stay ahead of industry changes. Improve your client services and adapt to the evolving needs of allied healthcare with MYP.

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NDIS Frequently Asked Questions

What is NDIS software?

NDIS software is a comprehensive platform that simplifies the management of support services and business processes. It offers a wide range of robust features and functions that allow providers to better manage client service delivery, track participant funding, and ensure operational efficiency.
With so many smaller tasks that need to be completed in the process of providing allied health services, it’s easy for one or more steps to be missed or incorrectly completed. By collecting all of these administrative tasks into one platform, NDIS providers can reliably know that their service is compliant, and their support workers have all the tools needed to perform at their best.

How do I choose the best NDIS software?

Selecting the right NDIS software for your business is essential, and with so many software solutions to choose from, it can be tricky to know what to look for. The best NDIS software should offer all the essential features, a user-friendly interface, robust functionality, and ongoing support. Read our blog ‘How to choose the right NDIS software for your business’ to learn what you should look for.

Who can benefit from MYP's NDIS management software?

MYP’s NDIS management software is tailored for Australian disability service providers operating under the NDIS. Whether you are a registered NDIS service provider or an organisation seeking to become an NDIS provider, our software can support you in managing client services, records, and various aspects of NDIS management.

What are the key features of MYP's NDIS software solutions?

  • NDIS management system for efficient management of participant details, support plans, and funding information
  • Client record management tools to maintain comprehensive and up-to-date records, including assessments, progress notes, and communication history
  • Service delivery management functionalities to schedule and track service delivery, manage staff allocations, and ensure compliance with NDIS requirements
  • NDIS reporting capabilities to generate reports for claim submissions, financial reporting, and monitoring client outcomes
  • Integration with NDIS portals and systems to streamline data entry and ensure accurate and timely information sharing

Can support coordinators use MYP?

NDIS software optimises support coordination by offering a collaborative platform for seamless communication and information sharing among support workers, coordinators, and participants. It simplifies service coordination, goal setting, and progress tracking. The software enables support coordinators to monitor NDIS budgets effectively, ensuring funds are allocated efficiently to designated services, thereby enhancing the overall efficiency of the support coordination process.

Is MYP user-friendly?

A user-friendly interface isn’t just a ‘nice to have’; it is a vital part of your new NDIS software. It’s important to remember that getting buy-in from staff is a key part of a successful software solution. You’ll find this in a solution designed specifically for NDIS providers. Features like intuitive dashboards, easy data entry, and accessible client records can make a massive difference in daily operations and staff satisfaction.

What is the MYP onboarding process like?

MYP ensures a smooth transition with a comprehensive onboarding process that familiarises staff with these complex systems. Initial training sessions provide the necessary knowledge to use the software effectively. Our training programs are tailored to suit different enterprise sizes, ensuring that all team members can proficiently use the system. Ongoing support and training are provided to guarantee continued proficiency and seamless integration into daily business operations.

Is MYP's NDIS software solution suitable for sole traders and small NDIS providers?

MYP offers scalable options to suit providers of all sizes. Our user-friendly platform can cater to the needs of smaller NDIS providers, ensuring efficient management of NDIS-related tasks without the hassle of complex systems. But MYP can also be scaled to provide medium to large NDIS organisations with all the necessary features to run effectively.

How do I sign up for MYP?

To sign up for MYP’s NDIS software, book a free demo. Our friendly team will show you how to use MYP to maximise efficiency in your NDIS business. For general enquiries, please visit our contact page to submit a form.