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Client services

Our Client Services team is the “secret sauce” that helps drive and deliver the outcomes and solutions you need. Made up of hard-working individuals who are committed to maximising engagement, learning and effectiveness with your team, as well as assisting with the design and operational delivery of your business systems. Our training and support are driven by our tailored rollout program, live training calendar, video resources, and key success initiatives.  We provide support across project management, workflow design, change management, system and process reviews – which all contribute to our ultimate goal of delivering value for you.


Our recipe for success ensures our support is...

Best Practice
The MYP team are focused on understanding your business to ensure best practice is applied when aligning your workflows to our system.
Solution Focused
A wholistic approach to the use of our platform by actively identifying key opportunities to utilise functions outside of your key processes and systems.
We are the conduit to mitigate pressures of change within your organisation, As a leader in our field we seeks to empower our clients, their people and performance.
We’re always connecting and empathising with our clients individually & through our network of organisations that provide additional insights & support.
Our consultative nature helps us deliver success for our clients through tailored training, myHealthCheck, reviews & best practice initiatives in a timely manner.
The keeper of knowledge of processes and workflows from your implementation and reviews, our team ensure business continuity of your business systems.

myp Client Space



The rollout program has been structured to secure a strong implementation process while being very conscious of costs and balancing against existing business commitments.  The timing for the rollout depends on the level of engagement, the current status of existing business systems, the quality of project management, available resources and commitment of the leadership team. During and following the rollout program, Subscribers will have access to MYP’s online support system to ensure our clients generate maximum value from their subscription.



All MYP subscribers have access to myHelp, a dynamic, searchable, and mobile friendly collection of help articles located in the Support Centre.  myHelp articles include detailed instructions with screenshots on every function of all MYP modules and are continuously updated with every release.  An archive of the most recent feature releases (with demonstration videos) is also available in myHelp, allowing MYP subscribers to review the latest updates to their system.



Ensuring your staff stay current with the latest updates and best practices PLUS minimise time spent in the learning process right from the start MYP conducts a rolling schedule of live training sessions open to all our Subscribers. These training sessions are centred around best practice workflows and are ideal for new subscribers, new staff and staff requiring re-training.  We also give all our clients access to our myTraining platform which provides access to our Certified Training video resources 24/7.



Our online community of MYP subscribers where they stay up to date with important announcements, learn handy community tips and tricks, chat other MYP Subscribers in the community sector, view exclusive guided screen recordings + much more!


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