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Client Services

Community + Health Platform Rollout Program

Unlock the full potential of your systems + processes

We understand that making the decision to move to the MYP platform is in fact the simplest step in the journey to digital transformation. The most impactful work begins at the rollout phase and we are aware there is pressure for new MYP subscribers to get up and running as quickly as possible. With close to 400 subscribers already onboard, we have designed and refined a program that enables our clients to move into MYP efficiently and effectively.

Depending on your particular offer and organisational structure, the inclusions in a standard rollout program are outlined below.


Plan managerSpecialistService provider
Phase 1
Briefing call
System set-up session
Data management session
Data integration* – upload + configurations
Phase 2
Strategy session
Structure + data session
Process review  ARM Pro
Phase 3
Process review – GENIUS
IPMS onboarding session
Process review – PocketWatch
Process review – 94six
Process review – GOMS, myDocs + eMarketing
Process review – formSPACE+ IMS
API sessionAs requiredAs requiredAs required
Rollout heath check call 1
Rollout health check call 2
Phase 4
Consolidation + platform review session
Phase 5
Level 2 support for project team
Community network engagement (Facebook group, advanced user group) program
Out of scopeAs requiredAs requiredAs required


The fee for the rollout program is impacted by multiple factors including:

# of Modules
# of Staff
Customisation requirements
Integration requirements
Age of an organisation
Capacity + ability of your project team
Timing for go live
Complexity of processes

Rollout process

  • All subscribers have access to weekly live MYP Training and 24/7 self-paced myTraining. Module review sessions are pre-booked at the start of the rollout to provide structure and timelines for the Project team. The live or self-paced training session are a prerequisite for the review sessions.
  • All onboarding sessions are held via Microsoft Teams or GoToTraining. Ideally all attendees in one room with a large screen with individual laptops. When multiple locations are required, a large screen or dual screens are needed.
  • Implementation requires the completion of set tasks from both the MYP Client services team + the onboarding must be completed within a specified timeframe after start date or additional charges may apply.
  • Complete agreed post-session tasks.


The timing for the rollout depends on the level of engagement, the current status of existing business systems, the quality of project management, available resources and commitment of the team. Specified timeframes for implementation will be provided during the subscription process and implementation planning stages.