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As we look toward 2024, It’s imperative for NDIS businesses to anticipate and prepare for the upcoming changes to the NDIS framework in the new year. Staying ahead of the curve will put your NDIS business in good standing to handle these changes and ensure you can continue to deliver top-quality services to your participants.

Upcoming changes to the NDIS in 2024

The NDIS is not a static framework – it evolves alongside shifts in government policy, technological advancements and the ongoing development of best practices. This ensures that service providers can offer exceptional care to Australians with disabilities. The upcoming changes to the NDIS in 2024 that service providers should be preparing for are as follows: 

New pricing for group-based supports

One of the key changes to the NDIS in 2024 is the implementation of new pricing for group-based support. Providers must transition to the apportioned pricing model by 31 December 2023. 

Until now, NDIS service providers have had the choice of using transitional pricing or the new structure, which was first introduced in 2020. Due to the pandemic, implementation of the new structure was not strictly enforced. However, this is set to change as of 1 January 2024, with all claims under the former model needing to be finalised by 31 March 2024.

The introduction of PACE

The NDIA is also introducing a new business system to benefit NDIS service providers and participants. PACE is designed to enhance how the NDIS operates, offering a new portal and payment system that is more user-friendly than the existing one. 

The PACE system has been designed to streamline day-to-day tasks for service providers, improving their capacity to support their participants. Although it will not fundamentally change how service providers conduct their business, it will offer several improvements to tools and functions used daily by businesses and participants alike.

NDIS business compliance

Compliance with the NDIS is a non-negotiable for all service providers, and your business must both adhere to existing regulations and be ready to implement new requirements as they are formally introduced. Although this can be challenging, it’s important to foster a culture of compliance within your NDIS business to ensure that you and your staff are equipped to abide by current rules and forthcoming framework updates.

Preparing for NDIS audits

Regular audits are a significant aspect of the NDIS landscape. For registered providers, quality audits are required when applying for or renewing their NDIS registration. They ensure that businesses are compliant with current standards and able to address any areas of improvement. Preparing for these audits means maintaining detailed and organised records, ensuring up-to-date staff training, and following processes that align with NDIS requirements. 

Download our NDIS audit checklist here

Financial and budgeting considerations

Financial management is a core focus for NDIS providers. Accurate budgeting and financial forecasting are essential for operational stability and sustainability, which means businesses can continue supporting NDIS participants without interruption. By undertaking strategic planning – and selecting the funding management option that’s best for your business – you can not only ensure a robust buffer against unforeseen costs but also have the ability to invest in critical areas such as staff development and technology.

Service delivery and quality

Top-quality service delivery is at the heart of the NDIS system. Providers must continuously evaluate and enhance their services to meet the current NDIS practice standards and ensure that the care they provide is person-centred, aligning with the goals of each individual participant. Ensure that you regularly assess your service models, seek participant feedback and incorporate recommendations into your business’s operations. The landscape for NDIS services is becoming increasingly competitive, meaning that excellence is the minimum standard.

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Continuing to provide high-quality care is essential for NDIS businesses in 2024

Workforce development

Ongoing training and development are key to ensuring your workforce can deliver services meeting current NDIS standards. Recruiting and retaining skilled staff is essential to adapting to operational demands. In addition to the NDIS eLearning modules, service providers should invest in comprehensive induction and ongoing education programs that have been specifically designed for the NDIS sector and can be tailored to individual business needs. NDIS training platforms will offer updates on the latest policy updates, improve staff understanding of participant-centric care, and enhance skill sets to meet the ever-evolving demands of the sector.

Leveraging technology for NDIS management

Adopting the right technology for your business is a significant factor in efficiently managing the complexities of NDIS service provision. At MYP, we have designed our NDIS software to offer a suite of tools that will help you streamline your business’ processes – from client management, to finance to compliance and everything in between – ensuring that you can focus on your core mission: providing exceptional care to NDIS participants.

Engaging with participants

Engaging with NDIS participants is crucial for understanding their needs and delivering services that truly make a difference. Embracing strategies that enhance communication and collaboration can lead to more tailored services and improved participant outcomes. By encouraging open, honest and ongoing dialogue with participants – such as through regular meetings, satisfaction surveys and collaborative planning sessions – service providers will better respond to participants’ needs and desires.

Navigating the NDIS in 2024 and beyond

Adapting to change is not just about compliance. It’s about making the most of new growth and service excellence opportunities. MYP is dedicated to supporting NDIS businesses through these transitions with our comprehensive software and training solutions and expert guidance. With the right preparation, strategies and tools, your business will be equipped to navigate changes to the NDIS in 2024 and beyond. We look forward to helping your NDIS business set a new standard for service delivery in the new year.

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